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Over the last 50 years, InterGrowth has become a cannot miss dealmaking event for the middle market. Since that first event in Mexico City at the Camino Real, thousands of M&A professionals have made the trip to dozens of coveted locations to attend the event and cultivate productive and meaningful relationships that drive successful middle-market M&A.

InterGrowth truly is your best resource for growing your network, your business, and your middle-market knowledge.

Meet everyone you need to meet before you knew you needed to meet them at InterGrowth.

Jay Jester

Professional Classification/Primary Function

  • Capital Providers
  • Advisers
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Intermediaries
  • Other

Corporate: In-House Counsel, Corporate Business Owner, Corporate Management – Entrepreneur, Corporate Development, Corporate Finance , Corporate Management)

Capital Providers: Equity Group Managing Fund, Equity Group Not Managing Fund, Family Office, Hedge Fund, Lender – Junior Debt, Lender, Mezzanine Lender, Lender – Senior Debt, Limited Partner, Venture Capital

Community: Educators, Government, NGO Executive/Leaders, Students

Advisers: Accountant, Attorney, Banking, Consultant, Recruiter, Technology, Valuator, Wealth Manager

Intermediaries: Investment Bankers Business Brokers, Small Businesses, Underwriters

Other: Not Listed Above

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